Feeling blue

so this post wasn’t planned just like the feeling I have today. I feel low, down, blue, sad call it what you will I just don’t feel like me. And for that I’m sorry ? 

I’m struggling really badly with hay-fever lately ( tablets make me so sleeping ) my other medical condition has flared up( will do a post about that soon ) and I just feel rotten.

So yes I will cancel plans and shut myself away, and for that I am sorry. I’m sorry I’m a bad friend, mum, wife, person but I can’t help it. I wish I could just smile and get on with it like so many others. But what’s not who I am.

So I’m in tears partly thanks to the hay-fever and partly thanks to my mood. My son is at school and I’ve shut all the windows and curtains. I love the summer I just can’t deal with the pollen. 

Roll on a good day and a pain free day. 



love it or hate it, it needs to be done. Monday is my housework day things like stripping the beds and cleaning the fridge, but then everyday it seems to be loads of washing, folding, putting away ( I DONT iron ) then washing up , drying putting away. I am naughty and I don’t wash up after dinner I leave it until the next day, I just can’t face it after cooking ! 

Then cleaning the bathroom daily the kitchen sides daily, sweeping floors daily, it feels like it never ends ! But yet my house never seems or feels clean and tidy. Only three of us ( and the cat ) in our home no idea of large families cope but yeah, I’m a housework hater I’m even putting off the washing up to write this blog post ! 

But I shall put on some music really loud I’m thinking either placebo or kasabian and cracking on with it as its date night tonight and I’m out Thursday afternoon ! 

Are you a lover or hater ? 


well…. Bodhi has started afternoon nursey and loves it so much so he pretty much just waits to leave for school each day and the weekends we have melt downs as he cant go and 1/2 term week off wasn’t much fun !! But I’m glad he loves it and will run off in side at drop off time, some of the mums have to leaving children crying and sobbing for them, I have even heard one parent bribe a child to go into clas ! So I shouldn’t really complain 

I’ve been spending my free time doing not much, lots of house work and tidying up. I also did a table top sale last weekend so had all that stuff to sort made myself £109 so that was pretty good !! I’ve also been having my driving lessons while bodhi is busy at school ( test in a few weeks ) 

My plan for this Tuesday afternoon is wait for asda man to bring my shopping ( between 1-3 ) and to clean my kitchen ! If asda man comes early I may have a nap ? Seeing as I was woken up at 2am thanks to a leak in the hall way and then again at 4am as bodhi was shouting in his sleep !!!

Plus I have work tonight ….. So yeah I want a nap! So I’m betting asda won’t come till 3 ! 

Well better go and play with bodhi as he is as I type tipping out all of his toys onto the living room floor !!!!! 

Birthday cupcakes

With everything going on ATM I am guilty of sort of forgetting my husbands birthday ( today ) I rememberd last night while at work ! Whoops right ?!? 

He was working 9-12 today so while he was at work bodhi and I made him a  batch of cupcakes and a plan to go to our local zoo once he was home 


Cakes turned out well and bodhi and I even sang happy birthday to daddy ! 

We didn’t go to the zoo due to it raining ! So we went shopping and I brought him a few bits, home now and I’ve even treated him to a curry ready meal! ( me and the boy are having pasta ) all In all pretty pants birthday for the hubs and I do feel bad !! I will make up for it next year !!! 

Mums that work? 

So the time is now nearly 4pm on Friday, I work 5-10pm on Fridays ( I also work all day Sunday and 5-10pm on Tuesday ) I do this to pay the bills !!

I am stil also a full time mum tho, and it really bugs me when other mums get bashed for working / not working ! Each to their own really ? If we could live off one wage then yes I wouldn’t work the hours I do, I miss out on bedtime x2 nights of the week, and Sunday should be a family filled day! 

But then saying that I do enjoy ( ish ) going to work, I get to become just jess not Bodhi’s mum. Even tho my job is stressful at times it can also be fun I work with some lovely people so it is nice to have some me time ( and get paid )


Do you work ? Or work from home ? ( I do also have a side sewing  Business ) I’d love to hear your views 


1st post 

Hello, and welcome ! I’m Jess ( 28 years old and mum to bodhi ) Bodhi is 3 and a very happy go lucky full of beans kind of boy! He starts nursery after Easter so I am starting this blog for me and him really to document all the little day to day things,